Gary Harris offers the images on this website for purchase in 2 separate editions. The "Timber Frame Editions" and "The Large Format Editions". 

"The Timber Frame Editions"

These editions are the smallest in size and the more affordable choice, yet still have amazing clarity and detail and look truly elegant hanging on any wall. These are editions of 35 and are available for purchase in the Print Shop on this website.

"Large Format Editions"

These editions are the largest in size and are the most luxurious option available. The clarity and detail in these large pieces is truly stunning and look absolutely amazing when hanging on a wall. Large Format Editions are only available in Metal or Acrylic Prints in sizes 30" or larger and are editions of 25. If you're looking to purchase one of these spectacular pieces, please contact Gary Harris personally for sizing and pricing options.

Gary takes significant pride in his pieces. All pieces are hand signed, numbered and come with a Gary Harris Images embossed Certificate of Authenticity. Gary will not sign, number or deliver any piece until it has been throughly inspected to make sure it is free of any flaws or printing imperfections.


Floating Framed FujiColor Crystal Archive Pearl Print

 An elegant contemporary choice. Borderless FujiColor Crystal Archive Pearl Print float mounted onto signed and numbered archival white mat board in a Luxurious Timber Frame. The ultimate in style and quality when displaying my "Timber Frame" editions. All framed pieces come without glass, as glass impairs the overall look when using metallic style papers, but have a special Laminate Coating to protect to print same as glass.  

This paper marks a new era in the of high quality glossy digital images. Pearl-Like Crystals give silver halide color prints a specific luster, creating a distinctive pearl-like appearance, sure to capture viewer attention! Produced by Fujifilm, this incredible silver halide paper creates a visual depth and clarity that is particularly beautiful with rich, saturated imagery. 

The Luxurious Timber Frame comes in your choice of 4 available colors. (Bronze, Satin Charcoal, Satin Pewter & Espresso)

Metal Prints

These spectacular Metal Prints are made by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets. Metal Prints are applauded by photographers and artists everywhere for their magical luminescence.

You've never seed a more brilliant and impressive print! Colors are vibrant and the radiance is breathtaking. Metal Prints are printed on Performance EXT Metal which is specially engineered for extended life in the elements and are also waterproof and scratch-resistant.

All Metal Prints come ready-to-hang with a 3/4" Inset Frame. Inset Frames are recessed from the edge of the print, so the print appears to float away from the wall when hung.

Acrylic Prints

The most Luxurious Gallery Pieces that I offer are Fine Art Lex-Jet Metallic Acrylic Prints. These gallery quality Fine Art Prints are unmatched in handcrafted artistry and visual excellence. The Metallic Print is face-mounted to museum quality acrylic glass, is crystal clear and scratch-resistant.

Acrylic Prints produced this way have incredible depth and radiance and an almost 3D look with spectacular detail and stunning vibrant colors. When lit properly they have a truly magical appearance and look to be back lit, like on a computer monitor. 

All Acrylic Prints are 1/4" acrylic and have DiBond Backing with a Cleat hanger System, which like the Metal Print, appears to float float away from the wall when hung.


Purchasing a piece from one of my collections can be completed easily by clicking on the Print Shop on the site. Simply click on the image and use the dropdown menu to select the size of choice along with the frame color of choice.  All transactions are completed using Pay-Pal payment systems and are processed without sharing your personal details. The entire payment structure of this website is 100% secure and the security technology system used is kept up at all times. A Pay-Pal account is not needed to process credit card payments.

Once a piece(s) is paid for through this website, it is placed into production within 24 hours. Timber Frame Editions are all custom orders and take approximately 21 days for final delivery, while Metal and Acrylic Prints take approximately 30 days for final delivery. Every print sold is professionally packaged and fully insured to ensure your order arrives undamaged.

The pricing on this site includes shipping and handling at no additional cost inside the U.S.

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