Minnesota Trip 1

With all the Architectural Photography jobs I have to shoot for clients, every year I try to escape for a few days to enjoy a little photography time for myself. In June of 2019, I got to visit my friend Paul, a former Photo Journalist in the Minneapolis area, for a short 3 day trip of photography. This would start off as the first of what we call “the annual photo excursion”. I would leave my home in the Quad-Cities on a Friday morning, planning to arrive at his home in Marine on St. Croix, MN by 1PM that afternoon. From there we would set up my sleeping quarters in his photography studio at his home and he would show me some of his new work and some of the stuff he has been framing for his clients. During this time, we would decide where we wanted to do some photography. Since we were only going to shoot during sunset and sunrise, we only had a few sessions to prepare for. Friday sunset, Saturday sunrise and sunset, then leave for home on Sunday morning. We made are plans on some potential places to shoot, took a drive around to look at some beautiful scenery and get some food in us before the shoot. So, we decided to start off at Big Marine Lake, which is a beautiful lake near Pauls home. It was such a beautiful evening, we went there about 3 hours before sunset to scout out the images we were going to shoot and then sit in the back of the truck listening music until the light was right. The first two images here are the ones I did on that wonderful Friday evening at sunset. On Saturday morning we woke up to overcast skies, so there was no sunrise shoot. We spent the day at the Como Zoo in St. Paul shooting some animals and flowers at the Conservatory, watching the people and just having a good time. Paul wanted to do some landscapes at the Carlos Avery Wildlife Preserve, so after a great meal at 5 Guys, we headed out to Carlos Avery. We drove around for several hours scouting out a location for the sunset shoot and the final two images here was from the location we decided on that evening. I am happy with all the images I got during my trip to Pauls home and look forward to next year, when we can hit the trail for our next annual photo excursion.

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